Vox ADSL Phone

  • Vox ADSL Phone is a fixed line Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enabled telephone with the added advantage of affording you savings of up to 50% on your telephone bill AND money back on incoming calls.
    If you spend more than R250 per month on your phone bill then the Vox ADSL phone is for you!

Managed Voice Solutions (Least Cost Routing)

  • Least Cost Routing is the method of routing your calls via the cheapest possible route.  The most widely used method of distributing calls via the cheapest route is found in the cellular sector by using fixed cellular routers or premicels as it's commonly known.  There are however other methods such as VOIP (voice over internet protocol) that are becoming increasingly popular as prices of implementing such a solution comes down.

Call Manager (Telephone Management System)

  • Managing your personel on how much calls are being made is paramount to keep communication costs low.  With our Call Manager solution the difficulties of managing these calls are reduced as you can view detailed reports from any location by using a normal web browser.

Fax Manager (Fax2Email, Email2fax)

  • No need for keeping hard copies of your mails when using Fax Manager.  Faxes can be received straight to your e-mail address.

Message Manager (SMS fascilities)

  • The possibilities for SMS fascilities are endless as mobile users continue to increase.  Keeping in contact with customers over accounts or new services have never been easier.  SMS fascilities will keep gaining popularity to contact customers and potential customers.

Data Solutions (Data Products and Services)

  • Diginet lines
  • Broadband Services
  • Dial up
  • Hosting
  • VPN

Orion X-Change Manager (PBX Services)

  • X-Change manager is unique in the way of supplying the customer with a PBX that suits their needs without binding the customer to a specific PBX for a long period of time.  This enables the customers to change and grow into their PBX while Orion takes the responsibility of maintaining and changing the PBX to suit the customer.